Unleash your inner hillbilly in this eccentric multiplayer mower racing game!

Daisy Spukler

Daisy learned her crazy tractor skills from ol’ Butterball. Between the flamingos and dynamite, this country girl will have you yippin’ and hollerin’ all the way home with a singed behind!

Daisy Nukes

They told Daisy not to run with scissors, so she did the next best thing: Put dynamite in an RC car! This sneaky attack will come at you full force and leave you hurtin’!

Dynamite Flamingo

Butterball’s offspring took on the family flamingo business and added her own flair to it. These dangerously armed birds will blow your ride sky high if you are unlucky enough to hit one!

Daisy was one of the earliest character concepts. She was going to be a fun girl character but tough and interesting. She likes to tinker and make stuff, and then make it go boom.

We decided to give her the RC car and call it Daisy Nukes. This is one of the best abilities in the game and it will make Daisy a very popular Character.

Here is amazing work on Daisy taking her from sketch to reality.

On of my favorite things is the Spukler patch on her back. It even has flamingoes!

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