Unleash your inner hillbilly in this eccentric multiplayer mower racing game!

Butterball 'ol lightning'

Butterball is one tough rancher. His years of tractor-racing have put him as a top contender in barnyard brawls. The only thing he loves more than his moonshine are his flamingos!

Shot of lightning

Butterball’s only competition with guzzling moonshine is his very own tractor. Once his ride gets a nice gulp, a burst of speed to the finish line is imminent!

Pink Flamingo

As the artist needs their paint, so does Butterball need his lawn flamingos. Hitting these pink fowls will makes you screech to a halt. Look, but don’t touch!

Butterball was the first racer to get put in the race and he is still a favorite. His hillbilly crazy really hit the spot and made the game come to life. We are getting a  little tired of him in every race and can't wait until new racers hit the track.

Butterball rolling under the bridge!

"White Lightning"

Butterball finally is getting a custom Mower. This is his still for makin'shine that he needs to win any race.

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