Unleash your inner hillbilly in this eccentric multiplayer mower racing game!

Fredrick Von Possum

This cuckoo clock-constructing, lederhosen-wearing gentleman is a racer in a league of his own! You will go cuckoo getting clocked by a Von Possum faster than you can say “Holy Schnitzel!” That is, if you survive a blast from his possum cannon and live to tell about it!

Rabid Ammo

Trapper’s possum, who he affectionately refers to as “Snowball,” will tear apart any racers in her path when Trapper fires off this ability. Not pretty, folks!

Snake in the Grass

Every farmer’s fear: a snake in the grass! Watch where you’re driving or this reptilian enemy will try to eat you and your vehicle in one bite!

The Cuckoo rides in style - The Clockwork Mower

From his earliest days as a Bavarian child in the shadow of Neuschwanstein Fredrick wanted to be the greatist cuckoo clock maker in the world. Now he rides a machine of his on design with all the clockworks to make it a winner.

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